For the record, the correct way to pronounce my last name is Fry...


...I’m not a big stickler about this, I just want to make sure you are asking for the right person when you are looking to hire or when you are referring me to a friend!




As a working professional, I take both the financial trust and esthetic responsibility placed in me by my employers and colleagues very seriously. Whether working as an Art Director or a Set Designer, I am always conscious of a project’s schedule and budget and I do my best to deliver high quality work in the quickest, most accurate manner possible. Frequently, this means using and/or overseeing both Traditional and Digital techniques in developing a design. As a creative professional, I am equally proficient in Traditional and Digital design media (see “Design Skills” below) and I strive to recognize and utilize the best tool for a given project (or phase of design) based on time frame and intended outcome.


My underlying principle on any project is that I am equally accountable to three entities:


• The Production Designer who hired me onto his/her team…

• The Producer who is paying me for my services…

• The Skilled Craftspeople who turn my drawings into physical reality…


…and this list can be reordered in any way you like!

In addition to the above, I strive on every show to “pay forward” the knowledge and education that I have been fortunate enough to receive over the years. I have had many wonderful and generous mentors in the past (some of whom are no longer with us) and I feel it is both my privilege and duty to pass on the Industry knowledge that I have gained. Some of my contemporaries may misconstrue this as being arrogant or condescending but that is never my intent.  My only desire is to leave my colleagues with a better knowledge and understanding of our craft so that they may pass on these traditions to the next generation of Industry Professionals.




Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


Art Directors Guild - IATSE Local 800

(Dual Card – Art Direction & Set Design)




• Traditional Hand Drawing, Drafting & Sketch Illustration


• Traditional/Physical Model Construction (Sketch & Finished)


• Digital Design:

- 2D & 3D CAD:

(AutoCAD®/TurboCAD®, Rhinoceros®, SketchUp® Pro)

- Graphic Design:

(Adobe® Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®)

- Web Design:

(Adobe® Dreamweaver® & Muse®)


• Extensive training in Backing Layout (Painted and Photographic)


• Working knowledge of both Practical (“in-camera”) and Computer Generated Visual Effects techniques including the layout of Miniatures, Mattes and Forced Perspective Scenery




• Script Breakdown


• Scheduling

- Art Department Labor

- Construction, Paint & Set Dressing estimates (Initial estimates for each Dept.)


• Budgeting

- Art Department Labor and Materials

- Construction (Initial budget structure & estimates.)


• Staffing

...of all Art Department positions & familiarity with personnel in related crafts.


In addition to the above items, please refer to the Job Description for “Art Director” located on the ART DEPT page of this website for further explanation of my abilities.




• Formal:

I hold a degree in Theater Design from the University of Kansas in Lawrence.


• Industry Experience:


Theatrical Career & Training:  My early career was based in Kansas City, Missouri working as Assistant Set Designer to R. Keith Brumley at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City.  Under Keith’s guidance I learned both how to design for the professional stage and how to follow a real world show through from concept to opening night.  We would spend the winters walled-up in the studio in Kansas City overseeing the Lyric's season while simultaneously designing six or eight summer shows for reparatory opera companies across the country.  Later, during the summer months, we would split forces with Keith opening shows in one state while I supervised scenery load-ins in another.  It was invaluable experience.


Film & Television Career:   I relocated to Los Angeles in the mid 90's where my first projects were, understandably, stage related.  Soon my work was noticed by Art Directors and Production Designers at ABC Television and I began to make in-roads into the Film and Television community of Hollywood.  My first feature film "BLADE" got me into the Set Designer's Guild (then Local 847) and my very next project returned me to ABC studios as an Assistant Art Director on the daytime series "General Hospital" and “Port Charles”. This afforded me membership in the Art Director's Guild (then Local 876 ... now Local 800).


During the intervening years I have been fortunate to have had mentors of the highest caliber: Rene Lagler, Roy Christopher, Craig Sterns, Tom Reta, Greg Papalia, Jack DeGovia, Randy Moore, Ed Vereaux, Kirk Petruccelli, the late Roy Barnes and many others... all of these men were, and continue to be, instrumental in forming and guiding my understanding of Film and Television Design and the management issues of running a Hollywood Art Department.




I have a wonderful life outside of the Entertainment Industry.  Very first on my list is my wife Hannah. She's smart (a degree in Chemistry from UCLA and a graduate of the US Navy's Nuclear Power training program), she's sexy (...a very HOT mommy...), and in spite of all of this I conned her into marrying me! Then there are our two cooler then cool little boys who are full of life and energy and, let’s face it, were both smarter then their dad by the time the hit 10 months old! They all do a good job of keeping me humble, in-line and exhausted…not necessarily in that order.




I've traveled across Europe and Asia. I've motorcycled the length and breadth of the United States.  I love hiking and mountain climbing, cycling and skiing and of course, being a Californian, surfing!  I have a long list of useless skills that include juggling, tight-rope walking, unicycle riding, ukulele playing and the ability to climb a "Jacob's ladder."  I love writing, I love telling stories and I've eaten some of the strangest things on the planet!  (...ask me about those travels in Asia sometime!...)

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